1 Territory will commence to construct in excess of 300 homes in remote communities with the greatest need within the first year if granted government at the NT General Election on 27th August 2016.

The build will be by using pre-fabricated steel rolling machines. The houses will be constructed without a skin, the choice of which be made by the residents. A Strategic Asset Management Plan will be attached to this exercise.

The machinery will be funded by the NT Government and surrounding infrastructure (water, sewer, roads etc) will be funded jointly by the Federal Government, royalty and benefit fund contributions.

The construction will be undertaken by those incarcerated by the NT Justice system as part of their upskilling and rehabilitation, “Work for the Dole” recipients, local residents and local private enterprise.

If this delivery model proves successful, it will rolled out promptly to other areas in the NT where additional housing is required.

For more information:

Braedon Earley, President
Phone: 0417 610 939 | Email: info@1territory.party