1 Territory believes that the “war on drugs” is lost and that situation demands a positive government approach. To do this we will;

  1. Relax the legislation concerning the usage of recreational marijuana for persons already deemed to be of legal age.
  2. Enact immediately to allow the use of medical marijuana.
  3. Enact legislation in line with other states, Territories and countries where recreational use is permitted.
  4. Insure the regulations around the sale and usage of recreational marijuana is legislated to be governed and policed in the Northern Territory.
  5. Provide for the amount to be held by one person will not exceed 80grams, upon inspection. The cultivation of plants will be confirmed at a later date with community consultation.
  6. Develop government dispensaries established throughout the Northern Territory and establish legislation to allow the activity to be taxed. All taxes and revenue raised after cost will be distributed as follows:
    – Rehab for alcoholics;
    – Rehab for drug users;
    – Education and information of members of the community on the harmful effects on drugs and alcohol;
    – School and University Scholarships;
    – Sports academies.
  7. Initiate a bounty of up to $10,000 for the conviction of drug dealers operating outside of the law.


1 Territory believes that the savings to be had by the reallocation of resources of our police and judicial system can be measurable and significant. The returns on investment upon the enactment of relaxing to recreational marijuana will impact the tourism and primary industries, including the economic stimulation of the Northern Territory economy.

1 Territory also believes the social impact will be a reduction of petty crime and unnecessary incarceration of youth and others. The incurred revenue stream will allow our government and the constabulary to focus on bigger issues related to crime and anti-ˇsocial behaviour.

1 Territory supports a balanced approach to drug usage and includes Pill testing at clubs, festivals and other licensed venues.