1 Territory Party has achieved in excess of 200 Territory members in a very short period of time. 1 Territory will be seeking registration with the Northern Territory Electoral Commission later today.

“Should we be successful, we will be the first political party ever to obtain registration via the Northern Territory Electoral Commission. We will be the only truly Northern Territory political party in the Northern Territory from the Northern Territory. We will not have policy written for us by southern counterparts and we will not have masters that we have to answer to on the southern or eastern seaboard – nor will our direction be determined by third generation public servants in Canberra” President Braedon Earley said. “Further we will be ready for state hood when it is forced upon us and we will be executing policies formed at a grass roots level by Territorians”.

Upon registration the party will call together its members to start formulating a platform and policy going forward. One of the main areas of concern for the new party is Fracking and its effect on the environment, crime surrounding the drug ICE, health, aged care and declining education standards throughout the NT.

“We will be looking to implement an independent commission against corruption in the Northern Territory and the focus will be the last three years of this government and the 4 years prior to that of the previous government. The commission will be given authority to pursue the findings to prosecution” said 1 Territory President Braedon Earley.

“We will redesign Northern Territory Government procurement, all contract/tenders will be created in order to maximise Territory input. Other parties can talk about this till the cows come home – they have both had their chances and blown it. We will be bringing first-hand experience to the table on this one and we will execute a better program than ever seen in the Territory before” said 1 Territory President Braedon Earley.

As we enter an uncertain economic future in the Northern Territory, Territorians need to have confidence in their leaders and confidence in the Government.

1 Territory will provide that leadership and stability to see Territorians prosper and grow into the future. The alternative is the Country Liberal Party or the Australian Labor Party and their history (both past and present) speaks for itself.

For more information:

Braedon Earley, President
Phone: 0417 610 939 | Email: info@1territory.party

Download Media Release: 1TP_MR_200members.pdf