Territorians would be entitled to think that the decision to lease the Port of Darwin would have been known and widely discussed by all elected members by the Legislative Assembly over the last 10 months.

The fact that recent news of the Port of Darwin being leased for 99 years is directly related to the efforts, or lack of, of all currently elected members in the Northern Territory.

A minority government should not have had the capacity or ability to do such a deal without full agreement of a majority in the House. Further, decisions of this nature should have been taken to an election.

There has been no community consultation, no social license, no mandate to sell or lease the port with Territorians not only by the Country Liberals but by Labor and the independents. Matters concerning a return on investment, clean up bonds, environmental impact, social impact, harbor traffic management, contaminant and fuel spillage plans, bio diversity impact, defence impact, Australian quarantine, drug and people trafficking, Cattle industry, Tourism industry, Mining industry and Fishing industry are issues that need to be made known to Territorians. The fact that these issues are not made known to Territorians, is because of the failings of elected members of the Legislative Assembly in the Northern Territory who have forgotten to represent the people.

Territorians have been betrayed yet again, on the surrender of the control of yet another Government asset. The fact that this deal has been allowed to proceed is a clear indication of the Labor Party and Independents sleeping at the wheel. These two groups could have got together to protect the interests of Territorians over the past couple of months to introduce to the Parliament legislation to specifically stop this kind of action by the minority Country Liberals Government.

Territorians can only conclude that Labor and the Independents and the CLP feel authorized to sell off or pass control to others of Territory assets without the consent of Territorians. Territorians are justified in feeling betrayed and calling for better representation going forward.

The lease lacks the transparency of a large commercial undertaking in Darwin’s pristine harbour.

1 Territory can assure all Territorians that it will not sell off Territory assets if elected in what seems to be an imminent early election.

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