Recent slashing of the Territory budget by the Federal Government will cost Territorians approximately 2 billion dollars over four years. Territorians may ask, why did this happen?

1 Territory can explain. The Territory Budget has been cut for a number of reasons, some of which are:

• The NTG has been too slow to approve major infrastructure investment and development which could provide massive employment and economic boosts to the economy. One example of this is the North Crest Development, Berrimah Farm, Darwin.

• There has been a blatant waste of public sector resources, employing Labor Party hacks from down south into the NT public service.

• There has been an anti-competitive approach to business activities, by legislating against businesses like Dan Murphy from coming to town, then wasting further tax monies by challenging them in court. The NT is losing construction jobs and investment.

• The legislating for extra public holidays in the Northern Territory, hurting small to medium business’s unnecessarily (the major employers in the NT).

• The NTG is soft on crime, allowing the community of the Northern Territory to live in a siege-like environment since Labor was elected.

• The Don Dale debacle, which Labor is mostly responsible for. Mis-managed to the point whereby the Michael Gunner Government is now compensating criminals with tax payers money.

• The recent back-paying of all those employed as Firefighters, an election promise in order to secure their votes. Plus, the promise of pay increases and extra FIFO firefighters.

• The constant need for Territory politicians and minders to travel interstate and internationally, delivering no outcomes or direct benefits for the Northern Territory economy or its people; another waste of taxpayers’ money.

• Not holding Major Projects in the Northern Territory to account The liability in all major projects has to be accounted for, especially when problems become obvious. What does it mean for Territorians? Has the quality of the project been compromised? Will this impact on Territorians? Is there the risk the project could explode/hurt someone? Who is responsible if it does?

• The inadequate focus on health, education and housing for people living on indigenous communities and in regional centers throughout the Territory. The high levels of crime, sexual and alcohol abuse on these communities has not been addressed by the government. History does repeat; the last time Labor was in power in the NT the Liberal Federal Government intervened, this could well happen again – the climate is right for it.

• Unmentioned availability of funds from the sale of TIO and Darwin Port. Using hollow logs (places to hide money) in Treasury reports is one of Labors oldest tricks, the money miraculously appears during the fourth (election ) year.

The prospects of the Federal Government taking back the Territory is real. They could run it cheaper and they get to frack for gas.

If Chief Minister Michael Gunner thinks crying foul to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is going to change anything, then he may be given that option “get on with it or get out of the way”. Chief Minister Michael Gunner has created the perfect environment for this funding cut to take place. He sails a rudderless vessel with no experienced crew, on board or in sight, whilst his Opposition and Independents swim and sunbake on the back deck.

Someone might be walking the plank sooner than expected!