There is something known in the gas industry as the “sacrifice zone”, where everyone, both human and animal, is expendable. The following link is to a story that focuses on the toxic emissions from gas flares in Queensland.

The link is:

Helen Bender’s story focusses on the local impact of gas flares on fracked gas wells.

1 Territory would like to draw the attention of Territorians to the fact the sacrifice zone will exist around the thousands of fracking wells the Labor Party has planned for the Territory. Most importantly, Darwin City, Palmerston, the northern suburbs, the rural areas and the Cox Peninsular are already in the sacrifice zone.

The Conoco Phillips gas plant has been using a gas flare since it began production in 2008. You can’t see the flare very well but they burn off an unknown quantity of toxins from the plant on a regular basis. What is most concerning is in the near future we will have one of the world’s largest gas plants operating a massive gas flare in very close proximity to a capital city and its main residential area.

We are all in the sacrifice zone.

A link to the Inpex Environmental Impact Statement is attached. Any reference to the gas flare is largely only to do with shielding the flame so it cannot be seen. There is some minor reference to monitoring however there is no detail.

Territorians need answers immediately from Labor and the CLP. Did the Martin, Henderson, Mills, Giles and Gunner Governments know about the sacrifice zone when they negotiated these deals? What is currently in place to independently monitor the emissions from these gas flares? The EPA is not independent nor resourced properly to evaluate, regulate, monitor or ensure compliance to world standards.

Below is a link to a video that details the over 250 identified toxins released from gas flares, including carcinogens such as enzopyrene, benzene, CS2, COS and toluene.

Also, there is another very important question Territorians need answered. Why has the media not asked these vital questions in the first place?……/environm…/environmental-documents/


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