This week there were continuing reports in the media of juveniles inflicting thousands of dollars of damage on businesses and private citizens in Territory towns, including Darwin and Alice Springs.

“Territorians tell us in droves that they are over this lawlessness and the apparent lack of consequences for perpetrators” said President of 1 Territory, Braedon Earley.

“Worse still, there are reports of elderly Territorians being attacked. This is totally unacceptable” he said.

1 Territory calls on the Gunner Labor Government to move swiftly and make legislative amendments to the various Acts such as the Bail Act, the Sentencing Act, the Youth Justice Act and even the Criminal Code if necessary so that the following becomes law:

1. No bail can be granted if offences occur in the company of other juveniles;

2. No bail can be granted if juveniles are facing charges for any other separate offence or offences;

3. If the police submit that they believe the offender will break their bail, then it is mandatory that no bail be allowed;

4. It should be compulsory that while on remand, juveniles attend school and that their behavior and results achieved during this time is taken into account later.

This is within the power of the Labor Government and they just need the guts and backbone to protect hard working and vulnerable Territorians from emboldened youth who now feel the system cannot touch them.

Territorians should not be suffering fear and financial loss and trauma from out-of-control juveniles.