Abandoned mines need to be rehabilitated and made sure that pollutants do not contaminate surrounding lands and waterways, that the landform is safe and stable for cattle to graze and the rehabilitated land is sustainable.

Governments may foot the bill unless companies’ budget sufficient security bonds for mine rehabilitation. A 2014 Queensland Auditor General’s report found the bonds were “insufficient to cover the costs of rehabilitation” and in the case of one particular mine the bonds held were only 1.5 per cent of the estimated rehabilitation cost. Experts are concerned they are seeing a steady downgrade of what the rehabilitation will look like throughout the life of a mine.

Your answers are very important to the 1 Territory Party as they will be thoroughly considered and addressed when developing policies.

Are you concerned about mines in the NT that have been rehabilitated or not rehabilitated, that are a risk or a potential risk to the environment - such as Rum Jungle, Mt Todd, MacArthur River, Goodall, Mt McMinn, Yumanji, Woodcutters and Mt Bundy?
Are you concerned about the potential on-going cost to the NT taxpayer of the aforementioned activities?