Territorians have been led to believe that the recent concrete pour at the Palmerston Hospital was a legitimate start to the construction of the Palmerston Hospital. We understand the pour went ahead without any approvals or building permits to carry out this work. Apparently this occurred in order to secure further Federal funding to meet a pre-set deadline. Given this recent turn of events, can the Northern Territory Government be trusted to make decisions on behalf of Territorians regarding asset development or management? Our question this week deals with this subject.

Your answers are very important to the 1 Territory Party as they will be thoroughly considered and addressed when developing policies.

Do you believe Territorians have given the Northern Territory Government a mandate to sell or give away to foreign investors 9,000 square meters of waterfront land adjoining the Deckchair Cinema to develop a six star hotel?
Do you believe this is a miss-appropriation of NT Government assets?