The 1 Territory Party was formed by people who have been members of both political parties and people who have never been a member of any party. The members of the Party come from all walks of life and have varied political and social views. There are people from the city and people from the bush. However, we all have some things in common. We put the Northern Territory first. We want to see a long term plan for the NT to ensure we are in control of our own destiny. We are prepared to work hard to ensure that everything we love about the NT remains for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Honesty. Integrity. Unity

1 Territory Party is solely focused on the NT and does not have political masters in Canberra telling us what to think and how to operate. The biggest problem with both major parties is they follow a party platform which is 100 years old and purely focussed on the well-being of people down south. A great example of this is that the new Minister for Northern Australia lives in suburban Melbourne. When the election comes around, we will not be rolling out all the party “heavy weights” from Canberra to fly into the NT for a day. We will not be doing this because there is no one pulling our strings from Canberra. Everyone behind the party lives and works in the Territory.

1 Territory Party is 100% focused on real democracy. Our current political system is not democratic. The current system is autocratic where we elect “representatives” who once in power break promises and go against what their electorate wants them to stand for. These so called “representatives” just do whatever their masters in Canberra want them to do. 1 Territory’s whole philosophy is purely focused on the will of the majority of Territorians. 1 Territory Party will only carry out the wishes of the majority of the Party members and the community. This is true democracy. All decisions are based on a  majority approach to decision making. This approach is across the board from day to day party business, policies and elected representatives will have to constantly poll their electorate to establish what the majority of people in their electorate feel about a particular issue. This approach will have a direct impact on how your money is managed. We promise to put in place an open, transparent and accountable system that allows you to scrutinise how your money is being spent. Particular areas of focus will be ministerial travel, awarding of contracts/tenders and “consultants”.

People have been asking us “what are your policies”? Interestingly neither of the two major parties has any policies on their web pages so who knows what their policies are? We just need everyone to understand that because of our democratic approach we are in a “chicken or the egg” situation because the Party has just been formed. We can’t have a policy until two thirds majority of the party members agree to it and we can’t ask the members until we have enough members to become registered as a political party. So what we have done in the initial start-up phase is to have a view on all issues using the “greater good” approach. If it is a good long term outcome for the Territory then we agree to it. All the policies will be fine-tuned once the members vote. As a member of 1 Territory Party every member’s vote counts.

So that everyone has an idea of what we stand for and how the party will operate we have provided an overview of some focus areas.

Visit our 1 Territory Policy Hub for more information.